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Mapmakers are the brains behind our maps. If you're interested in game design, and have ideas for epic Minecraft maps we'd like to hear from you!


Redstone Engineer

Redstoners make our builds come alive. Whether you're a whizz with command blocks, or a pro at good old-fashioned redstone, we're interested in seeing what you've got.



We're always on the lookout for the best Minecraft builders - if you've been building for a while and think you have something special to offer then get in touch!

Add-On Creator

For our projects in Minecraft Bedrock and Education editions, experienced Add-On creators are essential to customising our maps.


Texture Artist

If you enjoy creating your own Minecraft skins, models or resource packs, then this is the job for you! We’re looking for experienced texture artists to brighten up our Minecraft worlds.


No matter which role you are applying for, the submitted portfolio is the most important part of your submission; we need to see your best and most diverse work. For mapmakers and redstoners, videos of your creations should form the main part of the portfolio. For builders, screenshots and renders can be submitted, however video footage would also be welcomed.

Use the cover letter to tell us about yourself, your experience with Minecraft and any other interests or passions you might feel relevant. 

We aim to respond to all applicants in good time, however we cannot guarantee this. A lack of response means that unfortunately your application has been rejected.

Thank you for your interest in our team, and good luck with your application!

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