Deep Sea


The concept behind this project was exploring the parallels of Deep Space and Deep Sea. Although Space is considered as mankind's final frontier, even today much of the deep ocean is a mystery to us and host to creatures just as alien as those we might imagine on other planets. The human element of this build is the large structural complex - an underwater laboratory which studies these underwater mysteries. The existing terrain was re-textured to provide a more suitable context for our theme - the palette of prismarine and other green/blue blocks certainly helps create a sci-fi atmosphere, reinforced by the technical nature of the machines and structures throughout the map.

Much of the map's architecture was deliberately designed to relate to the underwater setting - the radial plan of the structural complex matches the design of circular coral plants and the submarine ships zooming around the map have the shape and formation of schools of fish. This helped us intergrate the mechanical with the organic, man-made structure with sea-life.