Deep Sea

Team Project

July 2015


The Brief

The concept behind this project was exploring the parallels of Deep Space and Deep Sea. Although Space is considered as mankind’s final frontier, even today much of the deep ocean is a mystery to us and host to creatures just as alien as those we might imagine on other planets. The human element of this build is the large structural complex – an underwater laboratory which studies these underwater mysteries.

The Build

From the depths of the never-ending ocean, from that fathomless world of infinite mystery and unearthly beauty which man has yet to discover – Deep Sea. This enormous underwater laboratory features a plethora of facilities and technologies, all tasked with the study of the many alien creatures the deep sea is host to.

The Result

The winning map out of 116 entries in the PlanetMinecraft Underwater Wonderland contest

32 million blocks


200,000 impressions