Royal Albert Memorial Museum

June 2017


The Brief

This map is part of a 3-year project using the principles behind video games to expand what the Royal Albert Memorial Museum's visitors can lean and see. The project is in partnership with the University of Exeter with funding from Arts Council England. To engage with museum visitors, four Minecraft maps were built based on models and maps of Exeter inspired by RAMM's collections.

The Build

Constructed between 1817 and 1824, Caleb Hedgeland's model of Exeter is one of the earliest surviving models of any town in Britain. It records Exeter as it was during the late 1700s when the city wall was still intact. The model is the only surviving record of many of the city's buildings and streets. For this project, we recreated this model at a 2:1 scale in Minecraft.

The Result

The Hedgeland Minecraft Map was made available to download by the Museum, and was also used as the centerpiece of a Minecraft Museum Day.