June 2016


The Brief

Our team was chosen as the sole provider for three Minecraft worlds used in the MindRising project - a competition for children and young adults celebrating 200 years of the island of Ireland. In addition to the recreation of Dublin's Castle and General Post Office, we were also tasked with desiging and building an example of what a city might look like in the year 2066.

The Build

Ireland2066 is a futuristic vision of what a city could look like in 50 years time. The project includes a number of Ireland's most famous landmarks, and sits them beside modern urban concepts and ecological technologies such as vertical farms, automated public transported and energy parks. 

The Result

Ireland2066 provided an inspirational environment for users to create their own vision of what a future Ireland should look like, whilst reminding them of Ireland’s heritage through the inclusion of famous historical landmarks.

The MindRising competition saw entrants from schools all over Ireland, and the project also formed part of PhD research project carried out by Dr Richard Millwood, Course Director of the MScT Technology and Learning at Trinity College Dublin.