English Heritage

September 2018


The Brief

To deliver a season of Minecraft events for English Heritage, engaging young people in England’s unique castle heritage. The season involved Minecraft promotions, workshops, a building competition and a historically accurate recreation of Kenilworth Castle in Minecraft.

The Build

Working closely with English Heritage historians, we recreated a scale model of Kenilworth Castle exactly as it would have appeared at the time of Queen Elizabeth I’s visit in 1575. The castle interior is fully furnished, with each room detailed according to its function - ranging from the castle kitchens and cellars, to the Queen’s very own dressing room and bed chamber! The historians at English Heritage attested to our model’s accuracy, stating that this was the truest recreation of the castle they had seen in any media.

The Result

Our castle model was used at workshop events at Dover and Kenilworth Castle, where attendees could explore our version in VR or on laptops, before exploring the real castle ruins for themselves! Tutorial videos were also created for English Heritage’s YouTube channel which give top tips and tricks for Minecraft castle building.