We Are The Rangers

United for Wildlife / ZSL / Royal Foundation

August 2014


The Brief

Comissioned by United for Wildlife, ZSL and the Royal Foundation, We are the Rangers is a project aimed at promoting the plight of endangered animals whilst educating a younger audience about wildlife conservation.

The Build

A huge single player adventure world where players assume the role of a park ranger on the African Savannah. Throughout the game they complete a number of quests such as locating poacher camps and protecting the endangered animals; a fun and engaging way to learn about a the serious challenge facing African wildlife.

The Result

The project was a huge success, receiving over 100,000 downloads. This project was also the first educational project chosen by Microsoft/Mojang to be a part of their Realms program – offering freely downloadable content to players straight from the game.

The involvement of several high-profile YouTubers, in particular Stampylonghead and SquaisheyQuack of nearly 10 million subscribers helped the project reach a huge global audience. The project has also gained millions of views on playthroughs from YouTubers around the world, including France, Thailand, Russia and Poland to name a few.