Lumiere Durham Conference

It was a huge privilege to be invited to present at the 2017 Lumiere Durham Conference, which centered around the theme of 'Who are we and where are we headed?'

The conference involved an illustrious array of speakers from a wide range of disciplines, including Sebastian White from CERN, Professor Stuart Corbridge, Vice-Chancellor of Durham University, and renowned architect Rami Bebawi, Partner and co-founder of KANVA architects.

I presented as part of the 'Cities Re-Imagined Panel' which was chaired by Stella Hall, and presented alongside Rami Bebawi and Noeline Kavanagh. My talk focused on Minecraft's potential as a tool to for education and engagement, in particular how in the right hands Minecraft becomes a universal design language that the designers of public spaces can use to communicate with the users that space will service. At its heart, Minecraft is a unique participatory design tool which not only mediates between the professional designer and the layman, but can also enable the layman to communicate their own ideas and thoughts in 3 dimensions.